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Structured data


BRAKER1 (Gene prediction pipeline) #

Automated gene prediction pipeline is must for the eukaryote genomes in the third generation sequencing era. Usually the combined approach (ab initio, evidence based prediction) for produce the consensus gene modes for the donovo assemblies as well as novel gene findings for model organism. The combinatorial approaches were applied in BRAKER1 pipeline with the uses of GeneMark-ET and AUGUSTUS to minimize the human intervention and speed up the gene prediction process and accuracy.

Figure 1: Gene prediction accuracy of BRAKER1

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Hoff, K. J., Lange, S., Lomsadze, A., Borodovsky, M. & Stanke, M. 2015. BRAKER1: Unsupervised RNA-Seq-Based Genome Annotation with GeneMark-ET and AUGUSTUS. Bioinformatics.