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Alzheimer's disease치매의 대표적인 종류로 60~80%를 차지하고 있다. 증상이 다변하여 진단이 어려우며(확진시기가 늦음) 아직까지 완벽한 치료법이 알려지지 않고 있어, 많은 연구가 진행중이다. 현재의 치료목표는 질병의 증상을 해결하거나 기대수명을 늦추는 것이다. 유전체 수준에서 다양한 오믹스 데이터가 쌓이고 있으며, SRA, GEO, ClinVar 등의 통합 데이터베이스와 동시에 아래의 Alzheimer's disease 전문 데이터베이스를 참고할 수 있다.

Data type DB name Description URL Data statistics
Biomarker AlzBiomarker "the findings from cross-sectional studies investigating potential biomarkers in the CSF, plasma, and serum of Alzheimer's disease patients"
SNP, GWAS data AlzGene a collection of published Alzheimer's disease genetic association studies with random-effects meta-analyses for various polymorphisms Studies : 1395 Genes : 695 Polymorphisms : 2973 Meta-analyses : 320
Exome HEX The Healthy EXomes database is a repository of benign genetic variability. WGS data over the age of 65 who were confirmed postmortem to be neuropathologically normal
Mutation Alzforum Mutation This database contains information about mutations in genes linked to autosomal-dominant Alzheimer¡¯s disease as well as mutations in MAPT (tau) "Genes: 4, Disease : 4"
Mutation AD&FTDMDB: The Alzheimer Disease & Frontotemporal Dementia Mutation Database 문헌 큐레이션을 통한 주요 유전자/표현형별 돌연변이 정보 모음 "Genes: 10, Mutations: 424"
GWAS, NGS, expression NIAGADS: The NIA Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site a national genetics data repository that facilitates access of genotypic data to qualified investigators for the study of the genetics of late-onset Alzheimer's disease "28,568,327,215 Genotypes, 45,020 Subjects, 30 Datasets"
Gene, SNP NIAGADS Genomics "a simple, but powerful, workspace for searching and identifying genes, SNPs, and genomics locations of interest or with special relevance to Alzheimer¡¯s Disease" not found
CLINICAL DATA, GENETICS DATA, MR/PET IMAGE DATA, CHEMICAL BIOMARKER ADNI: ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE NEUROIMAGING INITIATIVE several types of data from study volunteers collected by ADNI researchers "~1,200 samples (GWAS), 818 samples (WGS), ..."
Clinical data NACC: National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center "Beginning in 1984 to present, a cumulative database including clinical evaluations, neuropathology data when available, and now MRI imaging" "Subjects: ~ 120,746, Variables: ~ 1,256"
Knowledgebase The Fisher Center Foundation 알츠하이머 종합 지식모음
Experimental protocols Alzforum Protocols This section contains experimental protocols of specific importance to Alzheimer's disease research. Protocol : 35
Animal models Alzforum Research Models This database contains information about various animal models of Alzheimer¡¯s disease and related neurodegenerative diseases "Species : 1 Disease : 3 Gene : 12, Model type: 4"
Therapeutics Alzforum Therapeutics "This database provides a catalog of the therapeutics currently or previously tested as treatment for Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, focusing on those that have progressed to Phase 2 or beyond in U.S. clinical trials." Target types : 9 Therapy type : 7
Clinical data CAMD Alzheimer¡¯s disease Database "The database contains, but is not limited to, demographic information, APOE4 genotype, concomitant medications and cognitive scales (MMSE and ADAS-Cog)." "6,500 patients across 24 clinical trials of AD and MCI."
Gene, protein AlzPedia AlzPedia contains brief summaries of various genes and proteins implicated in the pathophysiology of Alzheimer¡¯s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. Genes and proteins : 23
Epidemiologic data AlzRisk AlzRisk is a collection of findings from published epidemiologic reports that evaluate environmental and other non-genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's disease Cohort studies : 47 Risk factor : 11
Antibodies Alzforum Antibodies This database contains information about antibodies relevant to the study of Alzheimer's disease and related neurodegenerative diseases. Antibodies : 131
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