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Bio-IT World #

  • 몇 안되는 생물정보 분야 미디어 중 하나
  • 생물정보 기술자체보다는 산업적 응용(Translational research/technology)에 더 관심을 가짐?
  • 2002년부터 2012년까지 월간지, 그 이후부터는 온라인 집중
  • 편집국 및 모기업인 CHI 모두 미국출신
  • Bio-IT World Best Practices Award
  • Bio-IT World Conference & EXPO 주최

Bio-IT World Conference & EXPO #

Bio-IT World Best Practices Award #

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2014년도 #

Prize Field Winner Technology Related company or tech
1 Grand Prize Clinical & Health IT AstraZeneca and Tessella Real Time Analytics for Clinical Trials (REACT)
2 Grand Prize IT Infrastructure & HPC Baylor College of Medicine CHARGE: Large-Scale Genomic Analysis in the Cloud DNAnexus platform
3 Grand Prize Research & Drug Discovery U-BIOPRED tranSMART-Based U-BIOPRED Study
4 Grand Prize Informatics The Pistoia Alliance Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules (HELM)
5 Grand Prize Knowledge Management Genentech Genentech Cell Line Resource
6 Editors' Prize The Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Rethinking Type 2 Diabetes Through Topological Analysis Ayasdi’s insight discovery platform
7 Judges' Prize UK National Health Service Riak Deployment for Spine2 Distributed Database Basho's Riak

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